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According to some of the reports and sources, and in the news collected by the team of Galaxy Reporters, the thing is found out that most of the Microsoft Cloud Servers hosted on Azure were down on the 1st of April. Along with this the official accounts on Twitter under the name of the @AzureSupport and @MSFT365Status also reported the same thing that the serves are getting down and the reason was that many users to non-working alternate status pages as of 5:45 p.m. ET.

Most of the users are have also reported that time that the Azure Portal, Azure Services, Dynamics 365, Xbox Live, and a host of other services cannot be reached. Along with this was also down. It was also unsure at that time that how many regions and countries are being affected and along with this the Microsoft’s suggested Azure page also stated that “An emerging issue is being investigated. We will provide an update with additional details shortly.”

Around 6 P.M. the MSFT365Status account also posted that “We’re investigating a potential DNS issue and are evaluating our mitigation options.”

And after that around 6:30 PM, the Azure page was out and after that, the Asus message is saying that “a subset” of users may experience “intermittent issues” with Microsoft services.

And after that around 6:30 PM, the MSFT365Status account posted that “Microsoft rerouted traffic to our resilient DNS capabilities and are seeing improvement in service availability. We are continuing to investigate the cause of the DNS issue. The next update will be provided in 60 minutes or as events warrant.”

And after that around 10:37 PM the MSFT365Status account officially posted that the Microsoft server problem is solved and they posted that “We’ve successfully resolved the issue that was causing residual impact for SharePoint Online and we’ve confirmed that all Microsoft 365 services have returned to a healthy state.”

Along with all this day the Microsoft customer, Long Zheng also noted that “This Azure DNS issue didn’t start today. I’ve seen random DNS resolution failures to App Services and Cloud Services since a couple of days ago which clearly escalated. I’m surprised Azure engineers don’t have some internal metrics that could have caught this earlier.”

Now after few days on April 2 the main cause for the problem was posted was that “We are continuing to investigate the underlying cause for the DNS outage but we have observed that Microsoft DNS servers saw a spike in DNS traffic.”

And that’s all was about the Microsoft Cloud Servers that were down that day.


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