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As per Republicans, it was said that the secretary of State Mike Pompeo is now again poised to run for the open US Senate seat. He wants to stand from his home state of Kansas, and currently, it is in planning mode. 

It was seen that Pompeo was not accelerating as per the plans and wants to leave the current perch. For right now, he got the deadline till June to go for it, and that, he had gained many months to think about it and take a final call on it. 

As per the source, it was said that the move that Pompeo was done from Foggy Bottom to the campaign trail and nothing would not happen until President Trump signs off about this move. Republicans said that if Trump realizes about it and Kansas, then he will surely ask Pompeo to go for the election. 

How are they looking at it?

Well, currently, the issue is not about the impeachment saga, which is presently hovering over Washington. But they are now facing a more severe problem, and that is about the right candidate who can win the statewide race. 

Kris Kobach, who is the former Kansas Secretary of State, was seen to be pushed for the nation’s strict rule for voter registration. He is said to be currently running for the race to succeed to be retired Republican Senator Pat Roberts. 

As per a survey for the public and private pooling, it shows that Kobach can easily win the GOP primary things, and it is the best conservative credentials for all too. It is like a significant loss, which is done by the big numbers in the general elections concerning the hypothetical opponent of Democratic. 


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