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Miley Cyrus has introduced her new album Plastic Hearts. It is out November 27 and includes Blondie’s “Heart of Glass” and her current residency of Cranberries “Zombie” in addition to her current single “Midnight Sky”. She launched a handwritten letter about the new album, which you can find in full below.

Miley wrote, “I started this album 2 years ago. ‘Thought I’d discovered it. Not just only the record – its songs / sounds though I have a whole fucking life. Nobody examines a life-like ego. As I thought the body of labor was all over, Was erased, along with many of the musical’s relevance, much revised. ‘

She wrote that the album to make her residence fall in the know 2018 California wildfires. ‘Nature did what I now see as a favor and destroyed what I didn’t do for myself,” she continued. “I wrongly place my house in a chimney but have found myself in its ashes.’

Cyrus references the EP sequence, which she began with the release of She Is Coming EP, stating that “is not fair in any way” to further her story in that format. ‘If this is a chapter in my e-book, I think I will name it ‘The Beginning’, which often we name it ‘The Finish’ when one thing is over,’ she wrote. “Even then it was removed.” He concludes the word with the album’s launch date and the phrases, “Guess you’ll like it, and in that case when you don’t, fuck you.”

After the premiering “Midnight Sky” with a self-directed video, she tracked down at MTV’s Video Music Awards. However the manner in which he mentions a brand new album does not share the launch plans for the subsequent album. Her recent album was ‘Yonger Now’ of 2017.

It is worth noting that the font and design of Cyrus’ new album Cowl appears to be largely plasmatics album covers.

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