A total lunar eclipse surprised the spectators around the world this week, and in one timelapse video, it can be seen to be dramatically cutting the light of the night sky to such an extent that the Milky Way suddenectedly bursts into view.

As documented by Futurism, the Milky Way Galaxy is on exhibit for just three seconds in the timelapse video posted but took place over the course of roughly an hour in real-time. The powerful telescope located at Gemini Observatory south was eligible to pick up excellent detail in the sky as the eclipse dramatically blackened the view.

The total lunar eclipse happened on a full moon, which generally would make for an extra bright night and, therefore, bad for seeing the Milky Way through the normal light pollution. But as the Earth eliminates the light from the Sun that reflects off the Moon, the sky darkened significantly and disclosed the galaxy to the camera.

This eclipse was the lengthiest total lunar eclipse noticeable in America since 1989. Also, it happened to occur simultaneously with a “supermoon,” which happens when the Moon is at its nearest point to Earth.

When the Earth’s shadow falls upon the surface of the Moon, it can occasionally dim it or even turn red, which is why a total lunar eclipse of a full moon is also sometimes inferred as a “Blood Moon.” This red impression comes from the Moon passing through the Earth’s umbral shadow, as the only light slamming it has ratified through the planet’s atmosphere.

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