“Morbius” is hoping for a nice dose of Adrian Toomes, better known as Vulture, from 2017’s “Spider-Man.

I mean, Michael Keaton is featured in the movie’s trailer.

But sadly, that was not the case.

Adrian Toomes shows up in the end credits due to the multiverse almost cracking following the events of 2021’s “Spider-Man.” Adrian Toomes suddenly appears in the version of New York City inhabited by Dr. Morbius.

Typically, any characters featured in the end credits are kept secret, and everyone is surprised. With Adrian Toomes in the trailer, many theorized that Michael Keaton’s character was meant to have a more significant role in “Morbius,” but it was left on the cutting-room floor.

Insider spoke with the director of Morbius, Daniel Espinosa.

“He never existed in the movie’s plot,” he said to Insider. “He never had a part.”

But it turns out having Keaton in the film was in play for some time.

“The idea of having Michael Keaton in the movie came back before we even shot the movie,” Espinosa revealed. “It was really related to showing off the Spider-Verse.”

In the second end-credits scene in “Morbius,” Dr. Morbius and Toomes meet, and Toomes suggested to team up, implying that they will go up against Spider-Man.

And while Spider-Man is not seen or even mentioned until in the end credits, there is a Spider-Man who exists in the “Morbius” timeline, Espinosa confirmed to Insider.

“I can say this, there is a Spider-Man, but which one is something that will be revealed,” he said.

“Morbius” is currently playing in theaters.

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