Tonight’s episode of Molkki begins, where Virendra sees Purvi calls her Bawri, Purvi gives him a strange look. Then Daksha comes there to see what is happening there and is stunned. Virendra is also shocked to see Purvi going inside with Daksh. Even while going inside, Virendra was constantly being seen. Even after going inside, Purvi was also thinking about Virendra, I was wondering why did he say that. Seeing the strange behavior of Virendra Purvi, he was in thought. He wondered again and again why Purvi changed his name.

Purvi also felt that she already knew Virendra, on the other hand, Virendra was thinking that Purvi was making tantrums when she was leaving the mansion, she was very sad. He thought that he will not let things go so easily and he is determined that he will find out as soon as possible. Daksh comes to Purvi and says you are looking better than before. Also, he says that Mukhiji is a great person. After that, he says that Virendra saved you even today and he goes to Virendra and appreciates him a lot and goes to meet his Nani with Virendra.

Molakki Written Episode

Daksh Purvi is coming down holding each other’s hands while Virendra is watching everything from above. Nani and Chandni are very happy to see both of them together. Suddenly Chandni saw Virendra and went to Arshiya and really appreciated but Virendra’s. All attention was focused on the East. At the same time, Nani asks DJ to play the song. Daksh and Purvi come on stage and dance very beautifully. Virendra is still watching them continuously while Chandni’s eyes are fixed on Virendra.

Virendra got confused thinking why Purvi is doing this. Purvi also looks at Virendra while dancing. Virendra does not like to see Purvi and Daksh dance together, he was thinking of various kinds in his mind. He also thinks that Purvi must have decided to spend the rest of her life with Daksh for some special reason. Virendra thinks of talking to Purvi while dancing announces a game of swapping with the beat in a DJ. Today’s episode ends here but to watch the full episode don’t forget to watch Molkki tonight till 10:00 PM on Colors TV

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