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In today’s episode of Namak Issk Ka, you’ll see Dadi is quite angry because of that dancer girl. Also, Dadi says, she is a dancer, and she really doesn’t care at all about our pride or honor. She has gone hell down to ruin our respect and pride. But thanks to Iravati who saved our pride. Dadi says this is the punishment that we’re bearing now keeping that dancer girl in the house.

Dadi wants to throw that dancer girl out from her home. She calls Yug. Yug comes back home. He sees Dadi and Saroj sitting sadly. He asks them what happened? He asks Rupa to call Kahani downstairs. Rupa says I need to talk to you first but in private. To this, Saroj says to him what’s that he cannot say in front of us all. She says whatever you wanna talk to Rupa, say it in front of everyone.

Namak Issk Ka Written Episode

Ronak says, there’s no solution talking to Yug. He will take Kahani’s side only. So, this discussion will be a total waste of time. Rupa says, she agrees that Kahani is wrong and she did a mistake. But that mistake is not that serious that we cannot forgive her. She tries to convince everyone that they should forgive Kahani and give her one last chance.

Saroj asks Rupa, like seriously? Kahani was the reason that she went to jail and she just came back. And, now you all want me to forgive her. Not at all. Irawati says to Rupa, it seems as if you don’t care for mother-in-law at all. To this, Gunjan says, there’s nothing like that. In this house, everybody cares for all family members. Why you guys are being hypocritical?

If Kahani is at fault then Raunak is also at fault too. But just because Raunak is the son of this home so he is forgiven. Then why can’t you all forgive Kahani as well? Raunak says, I just can’t understand why I’m the one to get taunted every single time. This is not done!

Satya who’s hiding in the house. She tries to hide somewhere else. She sees a locked door and trying to open it. She came to know that on the side of the door, there is Kahani. Kahani comes out. Yug tells her that he won’t be able to forgive her as it’s because of her only that her mother had to go to jail and suffered a lot there. Let’s see how Yug and Kahani will be able to make it out this time?

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