As NASA presses on with plans to send people to the Moon as part of the Artemis missions in preparation for human exploration of Mars, the agency is inviting input from US business, academia, foreign communities, and other stakeholders on its deep space exploration goals.

Tuesday, May 17, NASA presented a draught list of high-level objectives, including 50 points falling under four primary areas of exploration: transportation and habitation; Moon and Mars infrastructure; operations; and science. Comments must be sent to the agency by the end of business on Tuesday, May 31.

“The feedback we get on the defined objectives will guide our exploration plans for the Moon and Mars over the next 20 years,” said Deputy Administrator Pam Melroy.

The agency will hold two stakeholder workshops to address input on the proposed goals. The first workshop is scheduled for June with partners from American business and academia, who will be invited based on NASA’s interest in their comments on the objectives. It will be followed by another session with foreign organizations in July.

Internal agency methods are also being used to collect feedback from the NASA workforce to contribute to the revised objectives.

you may find a list of all 50 objectives as well as a glossary of terms here:

Online public comments are being welcomed through May 31 at:

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