One of the satellites from the United States Space agency NASA, which was revolving around the moon, recently found India’s Vikram Lander from the lunar surface. Vikram Lander crashed just before its landing on the surface of the moon in September. 

NASA confirmed the recent development and released the picture of the crash site on Monday. Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter was the satellite, which able to detect the crash lander. The image published by NASA showcased the debris fields, scattered over 25 locations on the lunar surface. The parts of Vikram Lander spread across several miles on the moon’s surface. 

NASA revealed an image on the 26th of September, initially taken on the 16th of September. NASA asked experts to compare the surface after and before the crash to confirm the crash. 

The Contribution of an Indian

An IT professional from the southern city of India- Chennai, named Subramanian was the first person to carry out an identification of the crash. He revealed that the inability of the American Space agency to locate the lander inspired him to compare the two images. 

In an interview with a channel, he explained the way he found out the sign of wreckage. He compared both the images, before and after the crash, side by side with his two laptops. He spent multiple hours observing the two images and found out about the crash. He also revealed about the help he got from numerous Reddit and Twitter users. On the 3rd of October, he made his conclusion public through the microblogging site Twitter. 

Once Subramanian gave his input about these images, NASA carried out several additional kinds of research and confirmed the crash site after a couple of months of the tweet. 

Though the Vikram Lander crashed before its launch, the mission was not a complete failure. ISRO, the Indian Space Agency, successfully put an orbiter in the moon’s orbit, which is revolving around the earth’s natural satellite successfully. 

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