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After spending extended periods in space, several surprising and harmful changes can occur in an astronomer’s body.

One such health issue is a loss in bone density and bone strength because of the impacts of microgravity and radiation exposure. NASA-funded research in 2009 discovered that astronauts’ bone strength curtailed by at least 14% on average during a six-month stay in space. Other researchers have found many elevated rates of bone loss.

However, a recent study implies that astronauts and mission planners could utilize an effective weapon in the battle against bone-density loss: jumping and another high-impact exercise.

Amongst the 17 astronauts who participated in the new research, published online on Thursday in the journal Scientific Reports, only eight recovered total bone mass density one year after retreating from the flight. Bone density loss was much elevated in astronauts who went on missions longer than six months.

However, the researchers also observed that astronauts who practiced resistance-based training while in space successfully regained bone mineral density after returning. The authors, therefore, propose adding “jumping resistance-based exercise that provides high-impact dynamic loads on the legs” to astronauts’ exercise routines to avoid bone loss.

“Jumping provides short bouts of high-impact, dynamic loads that promote osteogenesis ” the researchers wrote, adding that “neither running, cycling, squats, nor heel raise volume were associated with bone recovery.” Adding jumping exercise routines to astronauts’ prevailing exercise regimens may prevent bone loss and curtail the amount of exercise time required each day.

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