Jessica Meir celebrate Hanukkah from ISS

In an extraordinary event, Jessica Meir, who is currently in ISS, celebrates Hanukkah from the space center. The celebration from her revealed as she posts a picture in her Twitter account. The picture was posted on Sunday in which you can see that you can see her legs cover in blue and neon. Those the Hanukkah socks and it comes with the Star of David and Menorah from ISS. 

In her account, Jessica Meir uploads the picture and wishes everyone a Happy Hanukkah on Earth. In that picture, you can see that you can see the Earth beneath her feet. 

What she tweets?

As Jessica Meir posts and wishes everyone on Earth for Hanukkah, she has stated in the post too. She states that her father’s journey starts from the Middle East as a surgeon and then extends to Europe. And after that, they move to the US, and for all these things, it is the best inspiration for many as well as other extended families. 

Jessica Meir, who is currently staying in International Space Station or ISS, went there during September. It was about two weeks from now when she went for the first of all female spacewalk. 

About her earlier life

The father of Jessica Meir, who is no more, was born in Iraq. After that, they have immigrated to the pre-state Israel. Then he fought in the War of Independence for the country in the year 1948 and later became a doctor as well. After that, he was in Sweden for the job where he met the mother of Meir. 

As Jessica Meir tweet, one person immediately replies to her tweet and ask her to take the photo of Manhattan from there. As she is now the first female astronaut to do a spacewalk, which happens for seven hours, it was a historic moment for her.  

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