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Fans are grasping at straws when it comes to possible news about the impending live-action Netflix version of Neil Gaiman’s legendary comic The Sandman. The program is slated to launch this year, but we don’t yet have a complete trailer or a release date. You may have noticed a purported debut date on the internet recently, but it was a false alarm that Gaiman himself shot down.

The Sandman is notoriously difficult to describe, and it’s about The Endless, a family of anthropomorphic personifications representing many facets of the human experience. We mostly follow Dream, the actual embodiment of dreams, as he goes about his responsibilities as an Endless, investigating his influence on dreamers around the cosmos.

In 2019, Netflix revealed intentions to adapt The Sandman into a live-action program. Things have been going swimmingly since the announcement. The filming is over, and they have already made a few cast announcements: Dream is played by Tom Sturridge, and Kirby Howell-Baptiste, a fan favorite play death. So far, Netflix has released a behind-the-scenes teaser, and a brief first peek trailer. There is not that much to go on, but it looks impressive.

If you’ve been hunting for information about The Sandman, you’ve probably come across someone claiming that the film would be released on June 3rd. Fans began to get carried away after seeing the date for the first time in an IGN story. However, before things got too out of hand, Gaiman intervened. “Everyone involved on Sandman is a little baffled as to where they obtained that date because it’s not on anyone’s list of possible 2022 Sandman release dates,” he commented on Twitter.

The incorrect premiere date has subsequently been deleted from the IGN article. We’re all human and make errors.

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