The legendary anime creator of Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hideaki Anno, has recently discussed his past mental health struggles and about the series’ future. Anno talked about the difficulties he faced in the original production of Evangelion and how they affected his health in an interview. As he discusses Evangelion’s future, he has exciting plans in store for the franchise, which has already achieved legendary status among anime enthusiasts and will delight fans of the series.

While fans enthusiastically anticipate the arrival of Shin Kamen Rider, the Shin universe’s eventual fate remains uncertain. Many people wonder if this most recent revival will be Anno’s last. The creator of the critically acclaimed anime series, Anno, acknowledged that following the show’s conclusion, he was close to a mental breakdown. In addition, he disclosed that he had sought advice from a psychiatrist in the hope of receiving therapy to assist him in coping with his emotional turmoil. Despite the show’s critical success, Anno’s struggle with depression and burnout was clear in the final episodes, which sparked much debate and interpretation among fans. Consequently, Anno expressed dissatisfaction following his most recent meeting with a psychiatrist. As per Anno, his assumptions were not met during the meeting. Instead of being given medication, he had hoped for a better result.

Hideaki Anno also talked about his iconic series Evangelion, which has made fans eager for information about his upcoming projects. Since finishing Evangelion with the feature-length film has kept his plans for the future pretty quiet. Anno had devoted his entire being to the show’s production, and the interview reveals the project’s toll on him. The Neon Genesis Evangelion broadcast from 1995 to 1996 has become a cult classic and significantly impacted the anime industry.

Image Credit – TV Tokyo

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