Dead End: Paranormal Park, formerly known as DeadEndia, is an upcoming Netflix original Animation series based on the graphic novels, DeadEndia written and illustrated by Hamish Steele and Dead End part of Too Cool! Cartoons from Cartoon Hangover.

The horror-comedy was created by Hamish Steele and Produced by Blink Industries. The showrunners of the series fought for LGBTQ characters in their shows, adding that there was “absolutely no pushback from Netflix about representation” while describing Barney as a trans male character.

Initially, the project was scheduled to hit the screens in 2021. But the plans were interrupted, and In June 2021, Men’s Health described the series as “coming soon to Netflix.”
The show’s creator shared his views on his upcoming work and noted the importance of trans representation in the series. He hoped it took a stance against transphobia in the UK and noted there are “multiple trans cast and crew.”

On October 23, 2021, Netflix reserved a trademark with the new name for the series: “Dead End: Paranormal Park.” The series will be streaming sometime in 2022.

The plot follows the story of a group of employees. Barney, a teenage trans boy who works at the haunted house, and Norma, a neurodiverse character, is working at the haunted house with Barney. Pugsley ( a magical dog that talks) and Courtney (a thousand-year-old demon) join these two lead characters. These four face zombies, game show hosts, witches, and crushes.

The artists lending their voices include Zach Barack, Kody Kavitha, Alex Brightman, Emily Osment, Clinton Leupp, Kenny Tran, and Kathreen Khavari.

Since there are no official updates regarding the show’s work plans, we can assume that each season will cover each respective comic that has been published. With only two comics of DeadEndia published, it will imply that the minimum will be at least two seasons. For further updates, stay tuned.

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