Pretty Smart is a Netflix Original comedy-sitcom series created by Jack Dolgen and Doug Mand.

Netflix has still yet to continue the sitcom for a second season, with the show coming out in 6 months.

The show was able to enter the Netflix US top ten list. The show’s time spent in the top ten was only three days, and its impressive ranking was the eighth place. It refused to stay in any nation’s top 10s beyond 11 days South Africa suggesting that the show was not a big numbers pull for Netflix.

Another data we can look at is the IMDb MovieMeter which measures the popularity of a show on its database. We can see a brief uptick in popularity the week following the release but a straight decline after that.

Cast :


Chelsea – Emily Osment

Solana – Cinthya Carmona

Claire – Olivia Macklin

Jayden – Michael Hsu Rosen

Supporting Roles

Grant – Gregg Sulkin

Tiffany – Imani Love

Jane – Alexandra Scott

Johnson – Robert Belushi

Nabila – Santana Dempsey

Topher – David Gridley

Aaron – Kyle Jones

There has been no official statement regarding the release or renewal of Pretty Smart Season 2. However, the good thing is that it has not been canceled, either.

At the end of Season 1, an intense love triangle brewed in the house between Claire, who kissed her sister’s ex-boyfriend Grant. Even though Chelsea was very intimate to catching her sister and her ex-boyfriend kissing, the circumstance becomes more uncomfortable when Chelsea wants to discuss Claire about her relationship with Grant and if she would be okay with Chelsea having a relationship with Grant.

So, we can predict that in a possible Season 2, there will be an ongoing love triangle between Claire, Grant, and Chelsea.

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