Death Note, the world’s most widely recognised manga series, is returning to Netflix. This time, Matt and Ross Duffer, also known as the Duffer Brothers, who successfully made Stranger Things, Netlfix’s most popular original, will produce a live-action series.

Although the Duffer brothers are behind the new Death Note Netflix series, which was first revealed in July 2022, Halia Abdel-Meguid, a longtime manga fan who speaks fluent Japanese and has lived in Tokyo before, will write the script and serve as executive producer.

The Death Note summary: 

The Duffer Brothers series has no official Netflix synopsis yet, but we anticipate it to be published shortly.

However, the manga series centres on a young genius boy named Light Yagami, who finds a mysterious notebook that previously belonged to Shinigami Ryuk (God of Death in Japanese tradition). And which gives the user the capacity to murder anybody by writing their name on its book pages. Light is the child of the detective superintendent of Japan’s National Police Agency. Light Yagami, who now has the power to murder at will, decides to kill criminals and other people he views as immoral. As a result, he gains the nickname Kira (meaning ‘Killer’).

Death Note release updates:

 There are not many updates about Death Note’s production at the moment. We know the project’s development started in October 2022, so the production staff started preparing the storyline and the following episodes.

This, however, means that the much-awaited series will not be released until February 2023. And we predict that the wait until its release will be long. We expect the show to debut on Netflix no later than 2024 or 2025, but that may be wrong.

Image Credit – Nippon TV

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