The newest game show on Netflix, Cheat, will give a traditional trivia game a fresh spin. In the new game show, a remake of the British program of the same name, participants will attempt to win significant money by providing the correct answers to some questions.

Trivia will be presented uniquely on the next game show. Four participants will face off on the new program as they attempt to earn more money by correctly answering questions. The participants, however, are free to lie open to win, unlike other quiz shows. 

What are the guidelines and rewards for Netflix’s cheat?

According to the synopsis, each episode of Cheat has four players competing using intellect, cleverness, and straight-faced lying. Three rounds of questions are used to test their knowledge, and contestants may occasionally need bluffing to advance without getting disqualified. And the reason for that is the possibility of a prize that would be above £50,000. 

Who are the hosts of Netflix’s Cheat?

Two British actors and television celebrities, Danny Dyer and Ellie Taylor will be hosts. You might be familiar with Dyer from his work on the BBC tv drama EastEnders and the coming-of-age thriller Human Traffic. Taylor has appeared on various programs, including the British reality show Snog Marry Avoid? and the comedy show 8 Out of 10 Cats. The performer is also well-known for her stand-up comedy; one of her performances can be seen on Netflix’s Comedians of the World.

Release Date for Netflix’s Cheat

On March 1st, 2023, the quiz show will premiere on Netflix. There are 12 episodes in total, so stay tuned. You may watch the game in one sitting, as all the episodes will be released simultaneously.

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