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Juvenile Justice is an upcoming Netflix production scheduled to hit the streaming platform on February 25, 2022. Hong Jong-chan directs the show, and Kim Min-Seok does the script.

Kim Hye-soo as Shim Eun-Seok, Kim Mu-yeol as Cha Tae-Joo, Lee Sung-min as Kang Won-Joong, Lee Jung-eun as Na Geun hee, Park Ji-Yeon as Woo Soo-mi, Park Jong-hwan as Go Gang-sik and several others

The plot orbits the life of Shim Eun-Seok, an elite judge with a cold and distant personality who is known for her displeasure of juveniles. It will feature her journey as she gets assigned as a juvenile court judge in the Yeonhwa District. The plot will focus on her methods of dealing with the criminals, and we will get to see how she deals with problematic cases while discovering what being a grown-up truly means. The show is made to help see how juveniles should be treated and how society is also accountable for their acts.

The news of its arrival came in November 2020 when its director and main lead were confirmed. The filming of the series started in May 2021. Initially, the show was set to be released in January 2022, but due to some unavoidable circumstances, its release got hampered, and now it will be seen in February. According to the sources, each episode will run for an average hour.

Previously to hype its arrival, Netflix also shared a minute-long teaser on its official YouTube channel. In the clip, we get to see Sim Eun-Seok as she oversees a juvenile court, where the cases she handles get progressively more vicious. Her dialogue to a group of juvenile defendants in the courtroom reads, “This is why I despise the likes of you. Because you never change.” The teaser ends with Sim communicating her repugnance to juvenile offenders before the screen cuts to black and exhibits the text of the drama’s title and a premiere date. Juvenile Justice will be available through Netflix on February 25.

For further news regarding the release of this upcoming franchise, stay tuned!

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