Netflix has the primary trailer for its future documentary series “Our Great National Parks,” which can feature narration from former U.S. President Barack Obama.

“Around the world, the more isolated the national park, the more unusual its creatures and the more extraordinary their behaviors,” Obama says at the beginning of the trailer before explaining a bright green jungle mammal. “There are lots of micros live on the body of sloth.

Obama conjointly makes a physical look within the trailer. “Our Great National Parks” is all 5 of its one-hour episodes on 13 April.

The series can explore national parks across the world, as well as the waters of the Bay, California, the piece of ground of Kenya’s Tsavo park national park, the rainforests of Indonesia’s Gunung Leuser national park, and also the far side of the southern landscape of Chilean Patagonia. “Our Great National Parks” emphasizes the importance of protecting natural environments and the chance for research that such untouched landscapes will give to profit humanity.

The series comes from a Wild house associated with Obama’s Higher Ground Productions label and Freeborne Media. Obama is an executive producer for Higher Ground aboard James Honeyborne and Tonia Davis, and Sophie Todd is a series producer.

Higher Ground has continued to supply content for Netflix since the company originated in 2018. Last year, Higher Ground created two feature narrative films in Kevin Hart’s comedy “Fatherhood” and the 9/11-survivor legal drama “Worth.” “Our Great National Parks” marks the company’s 1st invade live-action documentary series.

The entire season of Our Great National Parks can premiere on Netflix on Gregorian calendar month thirteen, 2022

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