As per the social brain hypothesis, the human brain mainly evolved due to support social interactions. Studies have indicated that belonging to a community can result in improved well-being and improved satisfaction with life.

Unfortunately, several people are lonely or socially disconnected. If the human brain evolved to social interaction, we should expect this to influence it significantly.

Recent research indicates that social isolation is correlated to changes in brain structure and cognition, which is the mental process of acquiring knowledge. It even holds up an increased risk of dementia in older adults.

There’s already a lot of information backing up the social brain hypothesis. One research mapped the brain regions related to social interaction in roughly 7,000 people.

It indicated that brain regions that are always involved in various social interactions are strongly related to networks that help cognition, including the default mode network, which is effective while we are not concentrating on the outside world, and the salience network, which enables us to select what we pay attention to, the subcortical network which is involved in memory, emotion and motivation and the central executive network which facilitates us to operate our feelings.

The study also encompassed neuroimaging (MRI) data from roughly 32,000 people. This indicated that socially isolated people had poorer cognition and a lower quantity of grey matter in several brain parts.

A link between the lower grey matter volumes and specific genetic processes has also been found that are involved in Alzheimer’s disease.


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