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Neve Campbell, the Canadian actress is seen candidly talking about the adoption of her 3-year old son and how she approaches adoption as a topic herself.

The actress recently made an appearance on The Kelly Clarkson Show where she opened up about how she chose to tell her son Raynor about the adoption “from the beginning.”

When the show host Kelly asked the ‘Scream’ star about has she told her son about it or not? To which she replied “I read a lot about it. I think back in the day we used to think to keep it from them and throw it at them when they’re 21 so their entire reality falls apart, which makes so much sense,’ Really the guidance that I had was even before they understand the language, talk about their birth mother, talk about their story, tell them who they are.”

Because Neve’s decision isn’t a surprise for her son, “it’s no surprise for Raynor in any sense whatsoever.”

Campbell said “He knows he was in Cynthia’s tummy. She made him.”

The actress further went on to explain how she asked her son’s birth mother Cynthia, to share her photos or a letter about herself. “She made an entire album for him of photos of herself and things about her life and things that she likes.”

Neve explained how Raynor feels a certain relationship with her mother or a connection between them saying “He feels this relationship to her and I think its really important, ’cause they’re gonna need that,” the host and Neve both agreed to the fact that Raynor needs to know he is loved by everyone since the beginning.

The Scream actress first welcomed his son via adoption in June 2018, where she posted an emotional picture of her, Field, and Caspian behind the Stroller. She wrote a very emotional note in the caption of the image. Now the actress has a happy family with her husband JJ Field and her two sons Caspian and Raynor.

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