iOS 16 was declared last week, and it has much more to deliver than what was previewed at the WWDC 2022. A new report implies that iOS 16 will have a built-in unit modification on Messages, Notes, Mail, Calendar, and other apps. Through this, Apple users will be competent to easily see conversions for units like time zones, distance, currencies, and more. This will make it simpler for users to communicate with a friend overseas.

The built-in unit conversion component works for currencies, weight, volume, distance, and time zones in Apple phones operating on iOS 16. This feature is told to be active across all Apple apps. Moreover, according to the report, this feature will forever show the user’s time zone, currency, or temperature preferences.

Apple will disclose a public beta version of iOS 16 the following month, and users can use this built-in unit conversion feature on their iPhones.

Furthermore, Apple has also revamped the Nearby Interaction framework on iOS 16 to combine the ultra-wideband (UWB) enabling U1 chip with ARKit, the software suite built to allow for immersive experiences. And distinctly, iOS 16 enables users to delete an extra list of preloaded apps containing Clock, Find My, and Health.

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