“Next in Fashion,” which followed famous and up-coming designers fighting for a 250,000 US dollar cash prize and the chance to showcase their collection with fashion store Net-a-Porter, was dropped in 2020 after one season despite being a major hit with Netflix viewers. Tan France of Queer Eye and Alexa Chung hosted the program.

Tan France of Queer Eye and Alexa Chung, a British tv personality, model, and stylist, co-hosted the season one premiere in 2020. The concept and hosts of the show will change when Next in Fashion season 2 debuts on March 3.

Why doesn’t Alexa Chung appear in Season 2 of Next in Fashion?

Why Alexa Chung won’t return for season two of Next in Fashion is unknown. Neither she nor Netflix has released a formal statement. Chung, Tan France, and everyone associated with the program would no longer be contractually required to make time for it because Netflix canceled Next in Fashion in 2020.

The contracts and the associated fees would have needed to be renegotiated if Netflix executives had decided to renew the program for a second season. France’s participation in Queer Eye has allowed Netflix to routinely collaborate with him for several years, so it was perhaps simpler to convince him to return to the program.

It’s less certain for Chung. She may have decided not to participate in a second season or been busy with other projects while she was away. After watching Next in Fashion season 2, it can be concluded that it has a much different vibe from season 1 due to certain structure adjustments and a tone shift. It’s possible that the developers merely believed that Gigi Hadid was a perfect choice for the new season.

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