A new way to experience the NFL, the league’s first officially licensed game for VR platforms, will be available this fall.

NFL PRO ERA is being developed by statusPRO and is scheduled to debut on PlayStation Virtual Reality and Meta Quest. The game is also licensed by the NFL Players Association, allowing for player names and their likenesses to be used.

“When we think about this experience, you’re finally immersing yourself as the professional athlete for the first time ever and seeing it in a way that you’ve never seen it,” StatusPRO co-founder Troy Jones said. “It is the future, and we look at it as the new era of gaming and the next step in the way people will consume sports.”

Jones co-founded StatusPRO with former NFL wide receiver Andrew Hawkins. They hope that having former players running the company will add to the authenticity and understanding of the VR experience.

StatusPRO first developed VR technology for NFL teams to use in their facilities over the past two years, then moved to create a game for the general public.

“The biggest difference is we are purely from the players’ perspective, right,” StatusPRO executive producer Jay Juneau said. “You’re not a coach. You’re not a GM. You’re not the owner. You are an NFL player, and that’s what we focused on.”

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