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Nicole Kidman isn’t letting the critics get her down.

The actress faced backlash earlier this year when the news came out that she had been cast as Lucille Ball in Amazon Studios. The new biopic is about a famous and iconic comedian and her husband, Desi Arnaz. People on the internet said she neither sounded nor looked like Lucille, which made the Oscar winner consider dropping out. In a recent interview with Today, she said:

“I tried not to [listen to the criticism], but I’m a human being, so there’s time when you go, ‘Gosh, maybe I’m not the right person for this,'” she shared. She credits director and screenwriter Aaron Sorkin as her source of encouragement during the difficult time. “That’s where having somebody like Aaron, who really said at the beginning, he was like, ‘I’m not wanting a perfect rendition or imitation of Lucy. No, no, no, no, no.”

Instead, Aaron was looking for someone who could with Lucille’story, and Nicole said there’s “a lot of it I can relate to” as one actress to another.

“There’s a scene in it where they say, ‘You’re 39, and that’s it. It’s kind of over for you,” she explained. “I know that feeling. I sort of had that. And it was like, OK. Where television suddenly opened a door for her, it opened a door for me. Around the same age, I was like, ‘Gosh, that’s kind of … I know that feeling deeply.”

Also starring Javier Bardem, Being the Ricardos centers around the professional and romantic and relationship between Desi and Lucille as they film their revered sitcom, I Love Lucy.

In December, Nicole said in LIve With Kelly and Ryan that the backlash made her sidestep the project, but Aaron and Todd Black eventually talked out of it.

“Thank god,” she said of her decision to stay. “I was so grateful because I got to fall in love with [Lucille].”

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