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After a year of testing by Facebook and Instagram, the feature is out now. The feature allows the user to hide the likes count in the post that a user has shared or posted on Instagram and Facebook. So, if any one of the users is among those who are not getting enough likes on the post and wants to hide them. Then this feature is best for them.

Both Facebook and Instagram started thinking about this idea back in 2019. Since then, there were no such hints or rumors for the same. The feature consists of two options that include: hiding the like counts only on your own posts and hiding all like counts from your own news feed. The feature is there so that the others can’t see them. Facebook claims that this feature used to be beneficial for some and annoying for others. So, both the options are announced as the options and not the standards.

The blog post from the Facebook and Instagram clearly shows the step that how to use the feature on Instagram and Facebook Both.

So, the following are the steps according to the blog post:-

1. The user needs to first click on the 3 dot menu present at the top right corner.

2. Then the user has to tap on the option of settings from the list of options.

3. Then in the list the user needs to click on the option of privacy.

4. After that the user needs to click on the option of posts.

5. There the user will get the option of hiding likes and comments. The user just needs to turn the turn on the toggle in order to activate the feature.

6. And that’s all now the comments and likes will get hide and no one will be able to see them.

However, till now the feature is not live on Facebook but the blog post claims that the feature will be there on both platforms. Till now there is no such report on the launch of the feature on Facebook. But it is expected that it will come till next week.

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