According to the sources of the galaxy reporters, some of the biggest companies of China are planning to bypass Apple’s new privacy rules and are in search of able to continue tracking for the workaround of the iOS users and without their consent in order to continue the serving of them the targeted mobile advertisements. Now Tik-Tok  and Chinese Apps To Keep A Record Of iPhone Users Activity Of The Whole Day

Apple is expected to give changes to the privacy policy to the iOS in the coming weeks and will be providing a little bit more security than earlier. Moreover, till now apps have to rely on Apple’s IDFA system in order to see that which among the users of the iOS click on the ads and in reality which apps are downloaded.

Moreover, in the future, the ads creator has to ask for the permission of the tracking of the user and this will affect a million advertising companies who advertise through the Apple Apps and Facebook is also offering the previous thing so it is expected that the line will decline will be brought to the Facebook instead of the apps in Apple.

Moreover, along with all this, the state-backed china company is planning to hack the iPhone users in the country and the company is having around 2,000 members that had already made s system under the name of the CAID that works on the tracking of the iPhone users in the country and the same thing is being widely tested by the tech companies and the other advertisers in the country.

Along with this the owner of the social video app TikTok ByteDance, Suggest in the 11th-page guide of the CAID that advertisers “can use the CAID as a substitute if the user’s IDFA is unavailable.”

According to the sources who were close to Tencent and ByteDance suggest that many of them were under testing but nobody suggested the comment of the result.

Several ways were under the rules of Apple new policy but the biggest was of the CAID and Apple has talked nothing about the same and on the other hand a love that sets a grant of the exceptions of the CAID was also canceled as Apple told earlier that there would be no exceptions.

The company said that “The App Store terms and guidelines apply equally to all developers around the world, including Apple,” the company said. “We believe strongly that users should be asked for their permission before being tracked. Apps that are found to disregard the user’s choice will be rejected.”

Moreover, if a person uses the new tool for the app that is available in the play store then Apple might block the app in the app store for some time and could ask the users to block them also.

That’s all was the article about the Chinese Apps To Keep A Record Of iPhone Users Activity.



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