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The feature is enabled to do multitasking but the same iPad camera is not allowed to use by the other apps. Now a person might wonder that why only Zoom is allowed to use an iPad’s camera and not the other apps. So, the answer for the same comes out to be that Zoom is one of the sneaky apps among other apps provided on the app store and it also finds ways that how to take advantage of good relationships.

So, according to the reports of 9to5 Mac it has been reported that Apple has initially permitted Zoom so that the app can use the iPad’s camera for multitasking. The sources confirm that the company has officially told the thing to 9to5Mac during the Split View multitasking. The company also disclosed that the app has issued a private entitled for permission to the app. Moreover, with this, the feature is not like the feature of face time and is completely different from it.

The entitlements are not a new thing to users and just the thing like a process that the users need to go through to enable the same. As the example suggests that a user can ask for the carplay through the navigation bar also. The source who collected the report also claims that the iPad’s camera entitled is only to be used by Apple users who are “worthy”.

Along with this, it is also not surprising that how the Zoom app got this entitled and there are many other apps also. So, the answer is that Zoom has become the most important and useful app during this pandemic. And video chatting and remote control have become important for remote and school work. So, here if the luck is there, then the feature is possible because many of them are also using the apps like Facebook Messenger, Google Meet, or Microsoft Teams for the online meets.

Moreover, the thing is also not like that Apple keeps the special list of features to itself only. Now the time has changed and Apple allows the users to use the same set of features in a third-party app also. For example, the feature of the  M1 iPad Pro’s Center Stage camera panning is also available to third-party sites.

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