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As we all know that most of the users don’t like to go for the office 365 subscription but the users still have the access to the one time purchase of the option of the 2019 office but there is no need that the users worry about because Windows officially announced that they will be launching the office 2021 in the late this year only.

The sources of Galaxy Reporters claim that this time there will be two versions of the office this time that office 2021. There will be one small office in 2021 for the small business and the other large office in 2021 for the large business.

As of now, Windows has not officially announced the changes related to the office new version and the updates but from the sources, one thing is confirmed that office 2021 will run on the same software on which 2019 was working. The new version of the office is expected to have the updated like the dark theme and with the accessibility improvements and there may be features like the Dynamic Arrays and XLOOKUP in Excel.

But as of now, the sources expect that the features and updates of the new office will be first given to the first 365 subscribers and then the same thing to the unsubscribers of the office.

Moreover, the sources claim that windows are transferring the support of office 2021 to the LTSC and that will raise the price of the subscription by 10% but the price will remain the same for the consumer version.

The sources claim that after shifting the office to the LTSC the version will be available for the 5 years in the windows in one subscription which was earlier for 7 years and now the other apps pricing will also get the increase by the 10% and the users have to pay for that but for the consumer version the price remains the same and there is no change.

Moreover, sources also claim that LTSC said that they will first preview Office 21 and then provide the accessibility to the windows for the use of it globally. With this Microsoft is also thinking of release of a new 2H 2021 before the LTSC version of the office.

But at last, the date is unclear for the release of the New Office 2021 For Mac and Windows.

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