The current SmackDown Women’s Champion, Charlotte Flair, will face Rhea Ripley at the upcoming WWE event WrestleMania 39. Their most recent face-to-face meeting only heightened the excitement for this highly anticipated match. Flair gave a promo in the ring to kick off the meeting. When Ripley hit Flair with a punch as the tensions quickly rose. This started a frantic fight that spread outside the ring and into the crowd. In the end, security was successful in regaining control of the situation. But not before the two wrestlers had dealt many blows to each other, leaving the audience on their toes.

A recent statement regarding the upcoming WrestleMania event was made by Charlotte Flair, a well-known professional wrestler. Flair, who has competed in the annual event seven times, considered the sport’s long history and how it has remained unchanged. Flair acknowledged the presence of Rhea Ripley, a new rival who aspires to win the championship and establish herself as a star in her own right. But Dominik made a cunning remark to Charlotte Flair, declaring, “Mami is going to defeat you at WrestleMania. Flair attempted to attack Dominik due to the comment, but Ripley struck him hard. Flair became increasingly agitated during the match, eventually throwing her title belt down in a rage. Ripley and Charlotte Flair began a fierce brawl in and out of the ring after she charged at him. Security escorted both Flair and Ripley out of the arena after the fight came to an end.

With this extraordinary fight, the upcoming title match between Flair and Ripley will be completely physical and turbulent. WrestleMania 39, will be a match that promises to last for a lifetime is eagerly Awaited by fans.

Image Credit – Fox

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