The 66-year-old actor and writer portrayed the role of Teddy in the Mystery-Comedy series.

While promoting his upcoming series “The Gilded Age,” which is set to release on February 21, Nathan confirmed his return on the show. He said, “I come back. I can’t tell you how but I do come back, He did not commit the murder, but they were grave robbing. He comes back interestingly, and there’s a big surprise.”

Lane further added, “I’m in L.A. shooting a film now but I shot a couple of episodes before I left and I’m supposed to do a couple more when I get back to finish that particular storyline. It’s such a joy to be on the show with Marty [Short] and Steve [Martin] and Selena Gomez who are so lovely. They’re also attracting some great guest stars. It’s run by John Hoffman, who is such a great guy. I’m really happy to see all the success they’re having with the series.”

Created by Steve Martin and John Hoffman,” only murders in the building” is an American Mystery-Comedy series that premiered on Hulu on August 31, 2021.
The first season consists of ten episodes.

The core cast of the series includes Steve Martin as Charles-Haden Savage,
Martin Short as Oliver Putnam, Selena Gomez as Mabel Mora, Aaron Dominguez as Oscar, Amy Ryan as Jan.

The series follows the story of three strangers, Oliver, Charles, and Mabel. They share an obsession with a true-crime podcast. After an uncertain death in their apartment building, the Arconia. The trio decided to start their podcast about their death investigation, which the police declared a suicide.

Teddy and his son Theo are suspected of murdering the initial victim, Tim Kono (played by Julian Cihi). They were eventually arrested for the crime, and however, they turned out to be innocent.

The first season’s finale left a cliffhanger ending; fans are waiting to see what happens next.

Although we are confirmed that Nathan Gale will return, reprising his role as Teddy in the second season. Moreover, the famous Model Cara Delevingne joins the cast as Alice.

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