Israel might trap into a political instability shortly. Several opposition leaders put pressure on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to resign from his post after formal charges of corruption against him on Thursday. 

After the formal charge, Benny Gantz, the political rival of Benjamin Netanyahu, tweeted an old video of the Prime Minister, where Benjamin Netanyahu called on the former Prime Minister- Ehud Olmert to step down from his post amid corruption charges. The footage reportedly around 11 years old. Benny Gantz is the leader of the Blue and White Party, the centrist political party in Israel, and often termed as the most significant political rival of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. 

The video posted in the microblogging site Twitter shows Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu asking Olmert to resign. The Prime Minister, who is facing investigations for corruption, has no moral right to make a decision for Israel people and continue as a Prime Minister, he said in the 11 years old video. He further claimed that the person who is facing corruption charges would decide for his interest and political survival, not for the benefit of the nation. As a result, Olmert resigned from his post before the charge sheet filed, and later, he served 16 months in prison for bribery. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu charged with accepting bribes, fraud, and breach of trust in three different cases. This incident marked the first instance when the sitting Prime Minister charged with the criminal cases. 

Charge Against Prime Minister

The first and significant allegation is he accepted hundreds of thousand dollars from his billionaire friends and used it in the election campaign. He also charged with unethically using his power to help a telecom industry; in return, he demanded a favourable coverage in a famous media house. 

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu refused to admit the allegations and termed it false cases. 


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