According to the latest spoilers for Oshi no Ko Chapter 130, the upcoming manga chapter is titled “Basic Tactics.” The new chapter begins with Mem-Cho doing a live stream, where she excitedly and enthusiastically shares that she will be part of a film. As soon as she announces this news many of her fans are proud of her achievements, while her haters think she’s bragging and just spreading lies. Mem-Cho witnesses her life as a series of challenges, from leaving high school to becoming an idol, and she never stops herself from taking new steps and reaching new heights.

Oshi no Ko chapter 130

The filming environment is overwhelming for Mem-Cho, as the public can be demanding. She later finds out that this is typical for Kaburagi productions, which are headed by the stubborn and arrogant Kaburagi. kaburgi only hires people he likes. Kana Arima later adds that the ease of filming also depends on how well artists can keep the workflow smooth and astonishing. If an actor creates delays, scenes may be cut unless absolutely necessary. Akane further states that actors are like physical labor, they need endurance and patience.

Oshi no Ko chapter 130

Mem-Cho states how acting is different from live streaming. Mem-Cho feels that she is being judged by many in this new role. Aqua Hoshino comes surprisingly and praises Mem-Cho’s work. Aqua senses something fishy behind the production of this film. She also asks him about his motivation for producing the film, Aqua Hoshino isn’t convinced at all and thus she suspects that it’s all about revenge on his father. Hoshino also clarifies that it may seem that way due to edits made by the director and other team members.

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