“It is estimated that more than two billion disposable plastic waste ends up in landfills each year,” says founder Karen Young. As the personal care industry is one of the largest producers of waste in the world, Young has not only prioritized customer knowledge and quality but also sustainability.

Oui the People (OTP) razor ONE Razor Sensitive Leather is $ 75, including ten refill blades. It is a rose gold blade that uses a single blade in an anti-corrosion coating, which promises to shave close without pulling hair or irritation. You may need to try this if you are constantly irritated by razors or have allergies to their moisture line. OTP refill cords are 100% nickel-free stainless steel and are packaged in a safe box to dispose of afterward.

This may sound like a commitment to easy stability in production costs, but OTP works with the few remaining manufacturers who make safe stainless steel razors. In particular, they have been working with someone special in this niche for over 100 years.

Additionally, blade packaging allows secure storage of new and used blades until disposal. The OTP razor was initially designed for women from bottom to top. Instead of packing for women, the brand is furthering that tradition of trending trends through its inclusive body care line.

“You have never been in one box. We have never been. We are here to honor your hardships. We celebrate your softness and your strength, and we strive for your journey to do anything that makes you feel happy. The only labels we care about list our ingredients – everything else is sound,” OTP said.

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