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Our Beloved Summer is a coming-of-age story that focuses on an ex-couple who is compelled to come back together again when a documentary they shot in high school goes viral. The first season made its debut on SBS TV on December 6, 2021, and aired on Mondays and Tuesdays at 22:00 and concluded with sixteen episodes on January 25, 2022. The show made its appearance on Netflix in January 2022.

The show introduced us to a beautiful couple, Choi Ung, a prolific illustrator, and Kook Yeon-soo, a PR executive who isn’t perfect but shared an incredible bond even after being separated. It provides us with a reality to understand the true meaning of love. Instead of grand gestures of showing affection, we see in their bond through various small, unnoticed acts. It focused on a story of heartache, memories, and dreams that had passed years ago.

Along with the couple, we are also introduced to Kim Ji-ung, Choi Ung’s best friend as well as a PD in charge of producing the documentary. The plot thickens when NJ is introduced, and NJ is a 25-year-old top idol who develops a friendship with Choi Ung and has a secret crush. In the supporting roles, we get introduced to numerous characters, including Choi Ung’s manager, Gu Eun-ho, Choi Ung’s father, Choi Ho, and Choi Ung’s mother.

As we see the High School video through the throwback school scenes, we witness conscientious Yeon-soo’s initial shock at Choi Ung being the last ranked student soon gives way to slow interest from both sides. Their opposite characteristics are what make their relationship worth watching. Their differences can be heard from Ung’s remark as he complains, “Why does she live such an exhausting life? Early birds just get tired earlier,”

The time difference between the past and present provides insight into the changes that have taken place. In the present, fans find Choi Ung among the most well-written and beloved characters in K-Dramas. On the other hand, Yeon-Soo lives entirely different, away from the cameras and chaos.

The aesthetics of their homes are quite pleasing, which makes Our Beloved Summer a visual delight. What makes their relationship so unique is that despite having different traits, their behavior towards each other never turns toxic. We see their interactions where their struggles can be seen, but it also makes us see their love for each other. It connects the audiences with reality as the show doesn’t have any typical villains, and their difficulties come from the everyday human aspects.

The small gestures make us ache for something more. It offers a perfect balance of angst and happiness, making the story so pleasing and appearing like a feel-good breeze. Those looking for affection, don’t forget to stream it!

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