We’re excited to spend another summer with the Pogues. The bad news is that we won’t be getting it this month. Season 3 of Outer Banks is still in the works.

If there’s one thing we’re more than ready for, it’s to return to the Pogues’ universe. There’s a new member in the gang and a fresh mystery to solve. When will John B discover that his father is still alive?

We don’t get to witness the tale play out for whatever long it takes. We double-checked the Netflix release schedule for July just in case, but this series isn’t on it. How long will we have to wait for the third season of Outer Banks? That is the most pressing question for all Pogues out there.

Outer Banks Season 3 release update.

Netflix has not yet established a release date. However, it may arrive in 2022. There is speculation that Outer Banks season 3 will premiere in December 2022. Of course, there was a report last year that there would be no third season, so we take this series’ rumors with a grain of salt.

The good thing is that the show doesn’t take too long to finish. The second season will be released on Netflix in July 2021, with production wrapping in April 2021. The bad news is that filming for this season will not be completed until August of this year. That means November 2022 at the absolute least, but we’re more likely looking at early 2023. This is a summer series, but we don’t think Netflix will let us wait until summer 2023!

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