Many Outlander fans are eagerly waiting for the arrival of new episodes on Netflix in the United States. But, the sad news is Season 6 of Outlander will not be released in April.

We’d be delighted to share some exciting news regarding Outlander’s arrival on Netflix in the United States. We double-checked the list of April 2022 releases just in case, but Outlander Season 6 wasn’t on it.

We had no idea it was on the list, but it didn’t stop us from praying for a miracle. The fifth season is not yet available on Netflix in the United States. In addition, the sixth season is still airing on STARZ.

When will Outlander Season 6 be available on Netflix in the U.S?

The season will not be available on Netflix for some time, and in reality, it will be a few years.

Outlander is a STARZ production. There’s no way the network will want all of its material to be available on Netflix simultaneously, and it will require exclusivity for at least one season. Given how long Droughtlanders can be, there will be a long wait for future seasons to arrive on Netflix.

We’re now looking at a two-year delay, which would be consistent with prior seasons’ releases. This is also what we anticipate for the fifth season.

The Season 6 finale of Outlander will premiere on Sunday, May 1. With that in mind, the season will be available on Netflix in the United States on May 1, 2024. It’s a long wait, but Outlander Season 7 should be available on STARZ before then.

This is only in the United States, and other places will see the series sooner. It all relies on the particular contracts, as the streamer has various license needs.

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