Katrina Lenk is supposed to play a role in “Ozark” as “Claire Shaw,” who is a morally compromised pharmaceutical CEO.

In the Netflix series, She seems to have become drawn toward the orbit of Marty and Wendy Byrde, the money laundering couple who are at the center of the show. They want to join forces to be able to launch a legitimate charitable foundation, and they’re offering Shaw access to their contacts in the cartel world to her with a link to the cheaper, albeit illegal, supplies for the drugs that she manufactures. It’s a Faustian bargain that probably isn’t expected to end well, but Lenk isn’t spilling any beans. She insists that all the “Ozark” fans will have to wait until the second and the final half of the show’s final season starts to stream on the 29th of April.

On asked how did she join “Ozark,” she revealed that it was really in the middle of the lockdown; there were a couple of Zoom auditions that seemed to have come out of the blue that she had been obsessed with the show and was such a huge fan that she never thought they were going to let her on. She was told that Claire was going to be stepping into her brother’s shoes as the head of this pharmaceutical company, and there was some major scandal involving her brother and their involvement in the opioid epidemic. And she seems to have been brought in to redeem the company and salvage what she can, and try to turn things around.

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