At the end of season 1 of the epic drama series ‘Pachinko,’ the lives of various members of the Kim-Baek family come to terms with their transformation. In 1938, Sunja (Yu-na Jeon as a child, Minha Kim as a teenager, and Youn Yuh-Jung as an adult) became the breadwinner for her family. Noah, the child of Sunja and Koh Hansu (Lee Min-ho), was introduced. As Japan prepared for World War II, life became increasingly hateful for Korean immigrants. In 1989, Solomon (Jin Ha) found another hurricane that meets the horizon and realizes that it is time for him to grow.

Pachinko Final Recap

In 1938, Isak (Steve Sang-Hyun Noh) celebrated the first birthday of his natural son, Mozasu.

The family is as happy as ever, and Noah is in elementary school and is closer to Isaac than his mother. However, one day, Isak was arrested by Japanese authorities on charges of “landless” activities. Sunja initially thinks this may not be true. Her kind and gentle pastor, her husband, will never harbor resentment against the founding and anti-Imperial beliefs.

But Sunja soon discovers that he does not know Isak the way he thought. He has joined the communist attire, which he says works with foreign workers for peace and fair wages.

Pursuing high standards and promoting others, Isak has left his family in the lurch. Seeing this, Sunja yells at Isak’s colleagues in frustration before police arrive to raid a communist hideout.

As a result of his brother’s activities, Josose lost his job in the factory. As the family stands on the brink of a financial crisis, Sunja stands up. He is illiterate and cannot speak the adoptive home language, but he never lacks the desire to be patient. Shortly after Isaac’s removal, he finds a pile of napa cabbages to make his kimchi shop.

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