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The coach of the UConn women’s basketball Geno Auriemma always liked to make analogies of other sports, Auriemma famed Jim Brown and came up the lady talked about the freshman sensation Paige Bueckers.

Bueckers on the other had had the 3rd year of the game of the 30 points that have not done by any other player among the players that are listed in the UConn women’s basketball and the other 31 points of the game lifted the huskies from the no.2 to the no.1. Moreover, the 5-foot-11 guard in the game scored the last 9 points of the team in the match and made them win in the match. The lady made 14 of 26 shots from the field and then the lady had 4 rebounds, 5 assists, and 6 steals.

Moreover, Auriemma also said that “She’s very slow, and I say that with a high degree of appreciation, “She takes her time … she’s like when Jim Brown used to run. When she gets the ball, she’s like, ‘Should I go to that hole, that hole, that one … what’s the best decision for me right now?’ She waits until the absolute last minute, and nothing rushes her”

So, overall the team players can’t take her to play faster than she wants to play. Moreover, she also said that ” When you’re as good a shooter as she is … she really just has a lot of confidence in her ability. If she can get one-off, she thinks it’s going in. I marvel sometimes at how hard she has to work because of the defensive attention that she gets every night. She’s just good.”

However, the game didn’t become the matchup with the two top teams till midday Monday and till the press roll came out. Moreover, till now the UCON has been in many matchups from the 1990s. Even the huskies are the at the 14-1 but are not at the powerhouse or at the top like the Uconns were at some time.

But the team doesn’t have the players that will expertly be scored off-screen and instead of that, the team steps forward into the biggest moments like the longtime veteran. Moreover, the buckers were at the 1st position from the year 2020 and even beat the Huskies in the lead in scoring assists and steals.

The lady is shooting from 56.9% in the field and 55.6% from a 3 point range.

There are also some teams who had a remarkable and unforgettable journey in the last 20 years that include Diana Taurasi, Maya Moore, and Breanna Stewart. Moreover, none of the team is playing the superstars as the freshman just like the Bueckers did. The lady also said that the “She’s a player,” South Carolina coach Dawn Staley said. “She makes big shots when her number’s called time and time again.”

That’s all was about the Paige Bueckers who are now sitting in 1st place in the Uconn and there are no chances of them to go down.

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