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On 12 January the morning show’s star Reese Witherspoon’s 22-year-old daughter, Ava Phillippe wrote a massage for her followers, regarding those people who keep on posting Bigoted and hateful statements in the comment section on her Instagram posts.

She wrote “QUICK REMINDER: I can & will block profiles commenting bigoted/hateful messages under my posts,” “My Instagram profile is not a place for cruelty/hate speech & I intend to do what I can to keep it that way. Peace & Love.”

Ava started receiving hateful comments following her response to a fan during an Instagram Q&A when she was asked about her sexuality. She normally responded at the time by saying “I’m attracted to… people! (Gender is whatever),”

In December 2021, while giving an interview to E’s Daily, she explained before sharing any post on her Instagram account she first considers her fan following.

She said “What is that going to mean to somebody else? What does it mean to me? Is this helpful? Is it important? Is it charitable? Is it something I want the world to see from me?”

“I do have a platform of some sort, for sure, and I want to be conscious of what I am posting. I might not always get it right but I’m always going to try my best to put good out there.” She continued

Ava said she feels “good in more ways than one” to “be real with people on social media as much as possible.”

“We do see a lot of the falsified sides of the facades, and it’s just not completely true of everyone, and I think a little truth is good sometimes,” she shared, adding, “People that are able to be that honest and tap into that empathy in such a real way, there’s nothing like it to me. My friends, I think they all have their ways of doing it, I love that about them. And in my romantic life, it’s also important, for sure.”

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