BBC One’s top-rated Historical fiction crime drama recently broadcast the third episode of its final season, i.e., Season 6, on 13 March 2022. The episode is named “Gold.” It was penned by Steven Knight and directed under Anthony Byrne.

In the episode, we witness Tommy’s god-complex reaching the height of its limits and crashing down due to an unforeseen tragedy. The episode was a rollercoaster of emotions that drained fans from the trauma and pain.

The episode focused on the grief of the Shelby family, and throughout the screen time of 55–65 minutes, the women of the family outshined the others with their performances. But the question that remains on everyone’s minds is, Is this what it takes for Tommy Shelby to learn that he has limitations?

And if the answer to the question as mentioned above is yes, then fate does have a cruel way of humbling the leader of the Peaky Blinders. The innocent soul that suffered in this episode was Ruby Shelby, the daughter of Tommy and Lizzie Shelby, and the little one paid the price of being the daughter of the ruthless Shelby king.

Throughout the episode, we were left wondering the next moment. Will he succeed? Or will he perish like all the other mortals in front of death? We saw Tommy wondering the same thing. His desperation and belief that he would save his daughter were what brought him to his knees. The inner monologue continued in what all could think was the aftermath. Aftermath, which he believed would be his salvation.

Even the fans believed in him. He would make amends, and Ruby would be okay. He would build a memorial to the deceased gypsy girl, and Ruby would be okay. He would handle it, and Ruby would be okay. Unfortunately, the truth was different, and Tommy couldn’t strike a deal with death. It was hubris from a character not in a novel but in a Greek tragedy.

Ruby Shelby was seen as the salvation of the family. With her innocent aura and beautiful smile, she stole the hearts of fans all across the globe. And her death was the most heartbreaking scene to watch. The ending shattered many hearts and forced us to cry. Seeing Thomas not getting back to his princess in her final moments was another level of cruelty.

Peaky Blinders fans are no stranger to pain, but this episode was something else. Giving false hope and then ripping it apart was something none of us expected.

What will happen to the family? Will Tommy be sane enough to handle the future? Will the family finally accept death, or will they continue fighting a battle they might not win?

All the answers will be addressed in the upcoming episodes. The next will be aired on 20 March 2022. For further updates, stay tuned.

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