The actor renowned as the “horror hero,” Pedro Pascal, hosts Saturday Night Live on February 4 and makes his debut on the legendary Studio 8H stage with Coldplay as the musical guest. The episode was a wonderful example of Pascal’s elegance. It all began with an emotional speech for the performer, and as a result, it was exciting to see him perform. The Saturday Night Live editors, however, also found the program itself to be remarkable.

The crowd holds its breath as the lights come on in suspense about what the dynamic duo will do next as the stage comes alive with excitement. The actor, born in Chile, stepped outside his comfort zone by presenting the show this week. The popular post-apocalyptic television series The Last of Us featured Pascal in a major role.

Pascal appeared on Jimmy Fallon’s The Tonight Show and talked openly about his experience. His eyes glittered with delight as he spoke about the joy of the performance and the worry that crept in and caused his heart to beat. Pascal entered the room with a strong sense of excitement, ready to face his anxiety head-on.

Pascal said, “I can’t help but have a shiver going down my spine as I look at the terrible struggle ahead. It towers over me like a huge wall of horror, ready to consume me whole. But as I move on, I suddenly catch sight of a spark of positivity. However, the skilled and experienced specialists surrounding me, slowly knock down this wall of horror with their excellent advice and comforting words.”

Watch Pascal’s most recent Saturday Night Live appearance, which airs on Saturdays on NBC at 11:30/10:30c and on Peacock the next day. Brace yourselves for a comical, humorous, and entertaining visual feast.

Image Credit – NBC

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