It’s been about three months since Hulu’s cringe-comedy PEN15 Season 2 debuted. The concert has gotten rave reviews from both crowds and critics. Everyone is looking forward to the announcement of the show’s third episode. We don’t have any positive news regarding PEN15 Season 3 just yet.

Season 1 of PEN15 premiered in February 2019. Maya Erskine, Anna Konkle, and Sam Zvibleman star in and co-create the show. The program takes place in the year 2000 and follows two middle school students. Maya and Anna play themselves in middle school in the series even though the actors surrounding them are real middle school students.

The plot concentrates upon the discomfort, embarrassment, and bewilderment that a young adolescent must experience. The program has also received Emmy nominations and has a sizable fan base, and all of this necessitates the third season of PEN15.

PEN15 Season 3: Is it on Netflix?

Netflix is known for having a bevy of good shows, and it would be fantastic if customers could add PEN15 to their queue. Unfortunately, the award-winning series is unavailable on the streamer’s extensive content library.

PEN15 is available on Hulu’s streaming service. The Emmy-nominated series is also available on the most prominent VOD providers, including YouTube, Vudu, Google Play, Amazon Prime, and Apple TV.

Release Date of PEN15 Season 3

After the release of PEN15 Season 2 in December 2021, there has been no word on what comes next or whether PEN15 Season 3 will be released.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, if Maya and Anna change their minds, Hulu is willing to collaborate on future show seasons.

It’s reasonable to say that PEN15 Season 3 will not be canceled outright.

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