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Our solar system is lucky enough to welcome two interstellar objects in three years. Recently, scientists confirmed that a comet called 2I/Borisov entered the solar system from the interstellar space.

Recently, Hubble Space Telescope clicked a detailed image of the comet. Currently, the comet is passing our solar system with unimaginable speed. It is clear that the object is not from our solar system, neither it revolves around our sun, an expert revealed. 

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The Comet in Details

Currently, the 2I/Borisov comet is moving at a speed of around 1,00,000 miles per hour. The speed of the comet is too much for our sun to capture it with its gravity. To give you a perspective, Voyager 1, the only human-made-object to cross the solar system, attended a speed of only 35,000 miles per hour to neutralize the effects of the sun’s gravitational pull. 

Though the comet is the second appearance for an interstellar object on the solar system in the last three years, this is the second-ever recorded outer space object to enter the solar system. Oumuamua was the first outer space object to enter the solar system in 2017. Currently, the head of the comet is around 185 million away from the earth.

As this comet came from the interstellar space, scientists are hopeful to know more about the unrevealed facts of the universe. When scientists discovered Oumuamua for the first time, people speculate that the comet is nothing but an alien spaceship. During the Oumuamua period, researchers got only a limited time to study the object, but the same is not the case with 2I/Borisov. Scientists got ample time to photograph and observe its building block structure for further study. 

The comet will exit the solar system soon, owing to its speed and elevation. One can’t spot the comet in bare eyes. It will place closest to the earth on the 28th of December. 

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