The rapid radio explosion is one of the great mysteries of our time. It is very powerful but short of electromagnetic radiation in radio waves, emitting milliseconds of energy equivalent to 500 million Suns.

For years scientists have been puzzled about the cause of this brief explosion, found in galaxies millions of light-years away. Then in April 2020, we received a solid lead: a short, powerful light from a radio frequency — something inside the Milky Way – the magnet.

This suggests that these highly dead stars produce at least one rapid radio explosion. Now, physicists have developed a method of duplication of laboratory for what we consider to be the first stages of this crazy explosion, according to quantum electrodynamics (QED).

“Our laboratory simulation is a small analog of the magnetic field,” said physicist Kenan Qu of Princeton University. “This allows us to analyze two plasma QEDs.”

Magnetar is a type of dead star called a neutron star. When a giant star reaches the end of its life span, it blows out. The atmosphere, no longer supported by the external pressures of nuclear disarmament, collapses under its gravitational pull to form a very dense magnetic field. . That is a neutron star.

Some neutron stars have an even stronger magnetic field. That’s a magnet. We do not know how they got this way, but their magnetic field is 1,000 times more potent than a typical neutron star and more powerful than Earth.

Scientists speculate that fast-moving radio waves result from an imbalance between the magnetic field, a strong magnetic field, and an internal force of gravity.

The role of the magnet is also thought to be responsible for converting matter around the magnetic field into a plasma that binds matter pairs of matter-antimatter. These pairs consist of a poorly charged electron and a well-charged poster and are thought to play a role in the explosion of fast-repetitive radio waves.

This plasma is called a plasma pair, and it is pretty different from most plasma in the Universe. Normal plasma contains electrons and heavy ions, and the matter-antimatter pairs incompatible plasma are of equal quantity and form wholly and automatically. The combined plasma behavior is very different from that of normal plasma.

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