The ongoing development might be beneficial for human beings, but not for marine animals. As the plastic pollution is increasing in the ocean, the marine animals are now feeling the heat. In a recent development, researchers found microplastics from the digestive system of every whale captured in recent history. The researchers revealed the presence of micro-plastics at the belly of every beluga whale. 

Researchers also claimed that the microplastics are not the only concern for beluga whale, but there are several instances when beluga whale was found with plastics in their belly. Recently, a seven years old dead beluga whale found near Cefalu beach. While inspecting the cause of its death, scientists discovered its belly full of plastic waste, which results in his death. Though there are people who claim that the plastic was not the cause of its death, the increasing instances of such discoveries forced scientists to take these concerns seriously. 

During April, a pregnant whale was found dead at a beach near Sardinia. While researching its death, scientists found plastic containers, bags, and tubing in its stomach, weighing more than 50 pounds. In another instance, researchers in Florida found a couple of plastic bags and a balloon from a baby dolphin. 

Root Cause of this Problem

As the plastic waste created by human beings are increasing day by day, and most of them released to the ocean, it has started to affect the life of fish, birds, turtles, and otters. Though there are many sea animals and birds are facing a serious issue, the impact is maximum on whales. As the population of the whale species is threatening, owing to the overfishing, the additional threat of plastic might be extinct the species. Whales are extremely important for the marine ecosystem. It also provides the primary source of protein to around 3 billion population. 

Environmentalists warn to reduce plastic waste for better marine life. 

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