On the first day of the tour, Pope Francis is said to be visiting Hiroshima and Nagasaki. During his stay in that place, he delivered a clear message which is about the nuclear warhead. He noted that possessing or even deploying atomic weapons is said to be immoral.  

As per Francis, he said in an address in Nagasaki, that all peace and international stability are incompatible as you all are attempting to build the fear of mutual destruction. It even leads to the threat of total annihilation. 

He said to be spoken at the point where the United States exploded an atomic bomb in the year 1945. Due to the explosion, it killed nearly 74,000 people that year. 

Pontiff said that as the nuclear arms race supposed to be like waste resources and the amount of spending in it may be used in improving the people of lives and can protect the environment. 

In this world where you can find millions of children and families as well, it can be seen that how they are living in inhumane conditions. The money may be spent here and can change the fortunes of these families as well in a better way. 

Meeting of peace by Pope Francis

Pope Francis was said to be traveled to Hiroshima and to the exact spot where the US dropped the world’s first atomic bomb on 6th August. It killed over 140,000 people there. To remember all the people who all got shot there, he visited the place. This visit is the first papal visit to Japan in the last four decades. The Pontiff, too, said that a mass on Sunday was held in which nearly 35,000 people were present. It was held at a baseball stadium in Nagasaki. 

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