President Biden reportedly rejected the notion that approving the use of ethanol gas would help lower gas prices before heading to Iowa in April to announce the plan, the Washington Post reported on Monday.

The president also wondered what the purpose of the Menlo event, Iowa, was, according to the store, as he stood in front of a tractor announcing the approval of E15 petrol to increase supply and lower prices.

“It will not solve all our problems,” Biden said in April in Iowa. “It will help other people, and I will dedicate myself to whatever I can do to help, whether it’s extra money or two in the pockets when they fill up, or I can make a difference in people’s lives.”

After the Iowa event, the president reportedly gathered his senior staff at the Oval Office and asked them questions about its purpose.

“Biden was concerned even before the announcement that it exaggerated ethanol’s ability to lower fuel prices and could hurt its climate targets,” the Washington Post reported, quoting people familiar with the matter.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack and others urged the president to travel to Iowa to announce because “at least it will help the Midwest,” the report said, noting that the White House “wished” anything that could lower prices. Of gas.

The average national cost per gallon of gas reached $ 5 on Saturday and continues to rise. As of Monday, the average has reached $ 5,014, according to AAA.

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