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China showcased strong criticism against the recent bills signed by President Trump-supporting Hong Kong protest. But, the same is not the case with Hong Kong. President Donald Trump emerged as an over-night celebrity after signing the historical bills. 

More about the Development

People of Hong Kong organized a Thanksgiving Rally to acknowledge the efforts made by the United States President. The rally took place in the beleaguered city on Thursday night. The pro-democracy protesters showcase President’s recent tweet having Rocky’s body with President’s head. President Trump tweeted this image on the eve of the 34th anniversary of Rocky 4. Thousands of Hong Kong citizens came to the street on Thursday night and supported the American action against China’s human rights abuse. 

The mass protests are going on for the last six months in the former British colony. About 5,000 protesters detained by the Hong Kong law enforcing agencies during the rally. As the highly anticipated trade negotiation is going on between China and the United States, many experts assumed that President Trump would not sign these bills against China. But to everyone’s surprise, President Trump signed both the laws in support of the ongoing pro-democracy movement of Hong Kong. Experts fear that the trade negotiation between the two largest economies in the world might get hampered after the bills. 

In one of the bills, the United States put sanctions against the Chinese and Hong Kong authorizes involved in human rights abuses. Washington is also planning to restrict them from traveling to the United States. In the second bill, the United States prohibits the export of certain nonlethal weapons to the Hong Kong Police department. 

On the other hand, China criticized the ongoing developments. The spokesperson from China claimed that the United States is interfering in the internal matter of China. They also warned that China is going to take a strong countermeasure against the United States’ actions. 

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